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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Update: One of my new blogs has been loaded up on The Doll Rag (see 'Blogs I Follow'). Check it out if you've got a moment. There are also heaps of other postings about female stand ups, so have a squiz AND feel free to comment!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yes, oh YES!

Les Miserables jumper - perfect!

I love it when someone puts you onto a website this good. Thanks Arielle & Shane!

Check it out:

March / April Audit

Read: The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas
Reading: Living Bewteen Fucks by Cry Bloxsome
 Samson & Delilah (2009)
Watching: True Blood (HBO)
Listening: Maria Bamford’s new album ‘Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome’ - by far her best stand-up yet!
Downloading: The MOTH Podcast

Website Love:
Café: Lincolns

Pub: Matsos, Broome
Eating: Homemade steamed vegie dumplings and curry puffs

Drinking: Heaps of herbal teas!
Wearing: New boots from Melbourne and warm leggings. I also have a new badge which says I'm posh.
Last show: The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik – Deepsea Explorer by Tim Watts. It was amazing!!!
Next show: Jimmy James Eaton’s Improsapian @ Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den 

Can’t wait ‘til: Canada!
Favourite coloured liquid: Orange. Espeically if it’s the in the form of Carrot & Corriander Soup. Thanks Lindsay!
Most recent purchase: Zoza? It’s a dress from Broome that can be worn like 150 different ways. It even came with a DVD for christsakes!
Want but can’t afford: New hair, again.

Need but can’t afford: A full-time job.
Last bad act: Having bad thoughts
Bad news: The ‘Hoods’ tour is over.
Good news: I’m going to Canada

Goal: To finish the short story I started on writing on tour. 

Yesterday I: Performed the final show of ‘Hoods’ last night. My dad surprised me by coming to the show. I made him real proud ☺
Right now I should be: Lunching.
Later today I’m: Forcing myself to play some improv games that I hate. Scary challenge-o-rama!

Monday, March 2, 2009

February Audit

Reading: A collection of stories I wrote as a child, and some totally over-the-top, angst-filled diaries from my teen years.
Watching:ABC docs and Compass. There was a great one last week about the commune I grew up near in Balingup and also one last night about Black Grace Dance Company (hot kiwi fellas).
Listening: Classic FM (?) and Port O'Brien.
Downloading: The Rachel Zoe Project. I'm a bit worried about this new addiction actually.
Website du jour:
Café:Olgivies in Subiaco, ewww posh.
Pub:The Rosemount - outdoor.
Club:The Festival Club and The Blue Room Festival Club
Eating:Avocados. I have soooo many from the farm and they are all ripening at the same time. Willing to deliver to anyone that wants some! My hair is turning green.
Drinking:More loose leaf tea. Just got myself a cup with a filter - we're a bit in love with each other at the moment.
Wearing:More red than usual.
Last show:The preview of HOODS, currently touring.
Next show: Solo Spot @ The Blue Room Theatre
Can’t wait ‘til: I go to Melbourne and participate in the festival purely as a punter.
Most recent purchase:A big red brolly.
Want but can’t afford:To touch up the dent on my kombi.
Need but can’t afford:A dog walker.
Last bad act: I fell asleep when my director was giving me notes.
Bad news:Well, I split up with my boyfriend and Mum & Dad's dog Barry died. Both were for the best really :)
Good news: I got a kick-ass role in a new Nickelodeon cartoon! BAM!!!
Goal: Start planning my funding application for my new solo project.
Yesterday I:Got totally radical on my bike.
Right now I should be:Writing my solo spot which I have to perform tomorrow after doing two kids shows!
Later today I’m:Having a breakdown because I've procrastinated all morning.

I Saw Easter Bunny! By Andrea Gibbs Aged 7

One sunny day I went shopping and saw Easter Bunny. He went over to the park. I followed him over to the park. He went over to the beach and went on a ship. Then went off in the ship. I hopped into my fast boat and followed him. I saw my mum on the ship and she kissed easter bunny! I threw a rope on the ship and hopped on it. Easter bunny went swimming. He swan into the land. I followed him. Easter Bunny went to my house! I followed him. Easter Bunny went up the steps! I followed him! e went into my room! I followed him. He put a big chocolate egg on my bed! I thanked him. Easter Bunny went home. I did not follow him I ate my big chocolate egg.

I (heart) Easter Bunny!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

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